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Messenger Archives - February 2010

Google Voice is a Balderdash Engine

Here are the Google Voice transcriptions of voicemail from our Belltown adventures of Friday, January 22, 2010.

1/22/10 4:31 PM
"We had some spicy from google platter."

Yeah, okay well. The day started out of the meeting in Georgetown and I got a ticket for pulling my truck in the wrong way. $42 and let us up and we went to Wallingford and we're digging guarding finishing up incredible. You know, I'd like to clear month. The new bulletin. We had some spicy from google platter. Okay, okay. Alright, I'll talk to you. Thank you and I'm just talking about. So if you are mumbling face. I'll talk to you message.

1/22/10 5:43 PM
"N we got to get the drugs."
Working fine, okay sir. We've been busy in guidance. There are 3. Yeah, I'm looking black guys on the corner of Florence and bell and then i said, i'll people's is don't like back in the black and white wire that hanging out on the corner. Did you got an answer for that. N we got to get the drugs. Otherwise, I' d anyone's doing this and harming anyone, right. So will be out there checking it out okay.

1/22/10 5:47 PM
"Monty can get whatever he wants down here."
Hi, So it was about to start class without an exciting day. Already them what we learned about bellsouth Friday nights. And the people of all ages and races so it about their business rich in 4 bellsouth no murders very little crack activity. If I'm dad to that. Hey everything in there if you want to find it, but if you just out of town good time. Bye later then go let. Monty can get whatever he wants down here if you add a.

1/22/10 6:18 PM
"Give me a sucky house line out the door ... "
Google buzz of sign fish. Here I am seeing the cause of empty tables out. Not faction stilts respectable the Friday night, love you nanna. Give me a sucky house line out the door Bible. I'm in the field. I decided live coming up and less what it was less X and I live out the door, see what the hell that is pretty good, so 1st avenue early enough, now inside. Tia Lou's. Ive actually been in the door right in. We got some of our trying to get the liquor license back. It switching to do it. Yeah, there you go to Amber. Which is. S. Were doing a bowl backpacks, but, it's early dining huge conveys his face. You know if you never make it work. Robert Rosser, you betcha. You know that as well. It's not working so looking across the street at a hot out here. His nobody pretty good, but your room much okay. You know, I know it's making a fortune in the front your room. I'm sure. Yeah, Green City grow room for more. It's Friday night. This is so.

1/22/10 8:18 PM
"none of this is who's going to be transcribe properly."
Yes. Okay. Yeah, this is Alex part of it up and Ronald, none of this is who's going to be transcribe properly because of the background on the okay. Thanks. Thanks. Okay bye.

1/22/10 8:50 PM
"love of God"
Hello that with you about. And yeah, i didn't know is far greater then what will. Has like there is anything other than jevez somewhere. Alright, I love of God and then what's going on. We will be this is not a condition, Hello, this is Jim. Although hey bye, huh.

1/22/10 9:45 PM
"That's all abortions."
Okay the. So how said all our database. You know what it is 930. Well house at 350 Full House at Queen City Grill, so he loses close or the other side of street and they are not that popular. 12 bucks for a valet parking area so mister. Yeah. Bye. Okay, 3 cheese day so please fill ages day Delta billiard sidelines sheet. Thats all abortions. Let's leave from there as fast as possible couple hot dog. I was going to still cops anywhere and of everything about ohh older people leaving a dinner them. Bye. Yeah, if you're gonna were not gonna make it. You can you not gonna make it.

1/22/10 9:53 PM
"Nothing President Willy, I think."
Yes, Hello most of the people having fun here actually gives. Hey sooner little bit about any you letter notice. All kinds of people coming down delivery. Nothing President Willy, I think. Thanks. So what is this is Leslie, My wife will be singers, but youre not wearing underwear just leggings, black. Yes, she wearing anything at all at the black with that. Call stocking Hello Megan, So very nice and loudly all day. We have been really going to come for the back of the crop it out for a really good her up. So things are a lot better. What is they have things gone downhill. Yeah. Also, theres no yeah, theres a lot more stuff. Things come and go over there. Specially like you're here we are. If you have. You know, mister. Okay bye.

1/22/10 10:45 PM
"wonder tom and you."
Yeah, we have a good time. I'll be back in town. It would be better for you if I was like 30 years younger are 4 years, gender, but you know and we are still was nice to have a nice there was no problems when you get the think he said to hang out on one corner but no one even looks action no one pays any attention to you. This is out trying to get there. Little Who on. You know if you wanted some whole room or something like that, just good at Bellsouth. If you want to just look like a horror as good at Del Taco you know. I'll bet on this or what you wanna have some fun. If not, no crime and you have it on. I don't know if you've lived. Thank you. You know, but we had a good time. So next time, maybe it'll be warmer cos it is so it's dad went out but will I have to do it. Wonder Tom and you. Does girl center, not even trash and really short short skirts and those sleeves and really high heel shoes look like normal people instead of like if you know like they are not press. I don't know whats up with that everybody all the Haitians into how we're going to the product out because it was just go night. I dont know about that. What's up with that most of built out is just go. It's hanging out, that'd be cool, but you know most of today, I.

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