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Belltown Messenger #81 - July 2010 - "Belltown Life"

Lost and 'Founders'
What We Know So Far About Founders Day

We still don’t know everything that’s going to happen at the first Seattle Founders Day Festival.

But what has been revealed is intriguing indeed.

The community and arts festival, scheduled for Aug. 14-15, on and around Second and Bell, now has a slogan: “Something So Different Is Going On Here.” The overall theme will be “historic, with a twist.”

Organizers promise a “family friendly” atmosphere during the day, with jugglers and clowns. Evenings turn to a more sideshow feel with vaudeville and burlesque acts and fire breathers.

Street trees in the festival area will be up-lit with LEDs; artistic images will be projected on key buildings after dark.
Actors dressed as Seattle’s founding fathers and mothers will move throughout the festival site in costume, with prepared scripts. Staff and volunteers are encouraged to wear period clothing also.

The event will feature 24-30 vendor booths (handcrafted products only), and six spots for food vendors. The booths will be along Second Avenue from Battery to Blanchard, and on Bell street from First to Third. Applications are at

Both days will feature live music until 10 p.m., from an outdoor stage at the old Speakeasy Cafe site at Second and Bell. Acts and schedules are TBA. There will also be a mini-parade through the fair site.

And as with all street fair-type events these days, there’s going to be a beer garden (on Bell west of Second).
Major sponsors include Bedlam, City Hostel Seattle, the Rendezvous/Jewel Box, the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, and the Museum of History and Industry.

Planning meetings are being held at Bedlam Coffee, 2231 2nd Ave., 3 p.m. each Wednesday.
Organizers still seek volunteers to make the whole thing happen. Contact : .

    –Clark Humphrey

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