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02-10-2010 Sinks to New Low - Gives Blogger Lead Story

Update 2-10-2010
The PI has given blogger David Nelson the lead story again, complete with another giant graphic. See screenshot #2 above and also his inanity here: Is Belltown Parking Too Expensive?

I love the comments this guy gets. And I love how ugly and useless the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has become. Only a year ago I was getting it at my doorstep every morning. And they paid their writers.

Update 1-19-2010
I'm glad you are taking the high road in response to my snarky blog post!
I saw your web traffic (see screenshot) - people do indeed love those top 10 lists.
Although a Pulitzer prize seems out of reach for you, the more voices Belltown has the better, I say!


-Alex (Gern


David Nelson wrote:

Hey Mr. Blandsten! This is David Nelson with the Seattle PI's Inside Belltown. Hey, I saw your funny blog about my story being on the front page of the the PI's website and I appreciate your coverage. It was a great week for me due to that blog; I had over 10k visits to the page and was on the front page of two different websites, the PI's and yours.
Again, thanks for reading all my blogs and writing about me.

David Nelson


Hard to believe how far the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has sunk since it stopped printing on newsprint and became a "blog." Today a terrible piece by an unpaid blogger ("P-I Reader Blogs are not written or edited by the P-I. They are written by readers, for readers.") who can't write was the lead story at for a time.

Sadly, it was one year ago today that Seattle PI employees got the news that they would all be fired - save for a non-union skeleton crew to man the online-only version.

On the PI's main page we see the lead - an amateurish photocollage that advertises "10 ANNOYING things that people do in Belltown." This link takes us to a blog post by David Nelson with a different headline: "10 annoying things Belltowners do."

Mr. Nelson? If you want to be an unpaid blogger for the new and unimproved and you cross the annoyance threshold be prepared to be called out on your lack of skills as a journalist. In my opinion you have nothing to contribute to the blogosphere - your drivel lacks soul, a sense of honesty and any sort of political consciousness.

I'll keep updating this page if the's Inside Belltown blog keeps offending me ...

The Wit and Wisdom of David Nelson:
"I drink alcoholic coffee drinks."
"I've never been the type the person to get drunk; in fact, I've been drunk only a few times in my life."
"I also have a weakness for Guinness."
"Best Bar: The Blarney Stone."
"I prefer Jameson."

Anonymous Comments inspired by David Nelson:
"Spitfire? The Blarney Stone? Fado? You are an alcoholic."
"Bad writers should not be bloggers."
"I would not take advice from a person of such low stature, someone void of moral character"
"Annoying things Belltowners do: #11 - Write blog entries about their experiences living in Belltown."

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